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Dog Portrait



Whitney Mitchell, 28 years old, born and raised in Bunnlevel, NC. Bunnlevel in which is a small country town just outside of Fort Bragg, NC.


A small country town where it was exactly how it is described, cattle, goats, and pig pens just feet away from her family home. Including tons of cats to keep away the snakes and mice and then tons of country hound dogs to guard the family property. Also, don't get started on the limitless deer, bobcats, wild rabbits, and random bears; the country life was literally like living in a zoo without boundaries of cages.. It's easy.

Whitney grew to find this environment so natural and easy to love. She was drawn to complete all 3 levels of Animal Science courses in High School. After graduation, she was eager to further her education.


She got accepted at North Carolina A&T State University to study Animal Science/Pre-Vet to later transfer to NC State for Veterinary Med School. After 2 years of college, life did a complete spin and Whitney moved to Miami, Florida. However, the love for fur babes never died, so she then again pursued her study at Miami-Dade Biology Major, in plans to finish with a Bachelor to then also aim towards Veterinary Medical School.


After a second drop out, Whitney concluded that she truly had zero interest in Med- Terminology and Biology and honestly just wanted to pet fur babes all day, not cut them open and/or see them in dying need.


So she settled with her second passion in the glam industry, which consists of all creative designs such as modeling, doing hair, make-up, and photography. In the midst of fulfilling secondary passion of the glam industry, she spent years in Miami helping others launch multi-million dollar companies and had the honor of learning behind scenes of what it truly takes not just to start a company but what it took to assure it took off rapidly and the quality needed to do so.


So 7 years later, when Whitney got the honor and appreciated experience of learning the the corp industry what better combo passion of a business could she possible start of her own of colliding Fur Babes and Glam! Animal handling, especially Canines, and the handling of scissors couldn't come more natural to her. She started grooming her Malteses and was shockingly extremely great at it on the first try and immediately enrolled in a Dog Grooming Course and became certified. The rapid progress of work has been skyrocketing ever since. For the first time ever, Whitney has been able to succeed in something that is true joy, fun, and pleasure. Her passion has now been discovered, revealed, and harvesting.

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